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Administrative Assistant (230883)OshkoshWisconsin.

Administrative Assistant (230883)

Oshkosh | Wisconsin | United States | 54902

Provide turnkey administrative support at all stages of proposal development. Assists in the development of tracking tools, monitors and reports team progress, facilitates optimized team collaboration and work flow efficiency, organizes major proposal review events, facilitates proposal review process, and guides team work flow. Works closely with proposal management to build proposal development schedule and drive deadline accountability to ensure timely and high-quality proposal product. 


1. Assist Proposal Manager with team coordination and communication requirements 
2. Assist in the establishment of the proposal facility, including hardware and software resources required for proposal team 
3. Onboard proposal contractor support and assist with training process 
4. Track distribution of solicitation books and distribute hard copy updates as requested 
5. Assist in development of responsibility and compliance matrices 
6. Establish and maintain proposal “storyboard” walls 
7. Assist proposal writing team members with researching and accessing narrative and graphic resources 
8. Support process for pre-submittal questions to the government/customer 
9. Support customer requested clarifications process post-submittal 
10. Cross functionally support graphics development process 
11. Develop logistics plan for review and final production cycles, and secure resources required 
12. Maintain real time development status of all proposal text and graphics 
13. Coordinate internal flow and review of all proposal inputs and outputs 
14. Assist in developing kick-off, and color review evaluation presentations 
15. Support color review teams, provide resources, out-brief support and review logistics 
16. Provide logistical and presentation support for proposal status meetings 
17. Facilitate coordination/communication with Oshkosh stakeholders to support Proposal Management and proposal writing team member requirements 
18. Support collection, verification, and recording of contractor hours to support proposal budget management 
19. Monitor government website regularly for updates to active and upcoming projects 
20. Support proposal production cycle, including required service calls, print center coordination, proposal assembly, and quality checks 
21. Coordinate final delivery logistics and provide delivery verification documentation to Oshkosh stakeholders 
22. Maintain inventory of office supplies and place necessary orders to support proposal production and delivery 

Critical skills/qualifications are: 
• Exceptional attention to detail 
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Project) 
• Typing skill 50 wpm 
• Associates Degree in related field (IT, Business) 
• 5+ years administrative experience in fast-paced, deadline-driven environment 
• Outstanding communication skills 
• Strong organizational skills 
• Willingness/availability to work long hours as necessary 

Desired Skills/Qualifications/Background: 
• Familiarity with proposal work (preferred but not required)

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