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Battery TechnicianToledoOhio.

Battery Technician

Toledo | Ohio | United States


Requirements: High School completion or GED Associate degree in Engineering or Science or 2 years of college with Engineering or Science coursework Experience: 

Duties: Hold disposition of Non conforming product. 
Identification of Non conforming part, containment of parts both at physical locations as well as in the system and ensure they are managed properly in a time . Conduct Process audits and record the findings. 

Analysis of batteries (Warranty and Scrap teardown) 
• May prepare chemical standards. 
• Perform raw materials testing (primarily acid). 
• Perform in-process testing. 
• Sample and transmit incoming material samples to Milwaukee. 
• Order laboratory materials. 
• Perform special analysis investigations as directed. 
• Maintains oxide and lead alloy quality control charts. 
• Prepares and distributes in-plant quality summaries and reports as required by Quality Manager. 
• Maintains health and safety practices with hazardous materials in laboratory. 
• Provides back up for quality auditing function. 
• Analysis of Batteries (Warranty & Scrap teardowns). May lift and move batteries from floor to bench level. Inspect exterior of each battery for physical condition, customer and manufacturer identification, deciphers date codes and records information. Pressure check battery for leaks. Take hydrometer readings of electrolyte in each cell. Determine serviceable condition of battery without teardown using a load test or charge acceptance test with cadmium probe readings. Tear down warranty failures or selected reliability batteries. Inspect internal components and record the reason for failure, the condition of each component and the type of component. Record all findings on the appropriate warranty or reliability forms. 
• Calibrates voltmeters, timers ammeters, meters, gauges and testers on equipment, in lab and in the plant and maintains records. 
• May perform standard customer specified continuing conformance testing. Perform testing of special nature as required by plant or Division Quality Control. Tear down test failures and analyze for cause. Analyze components of specified batteries for physical make-up according to established quality control and laboratory procedures. 
• Record and compute test results to conform to established levels of compliance. Correlate and dispatch test reports and data via Quality Control. 
• Prepare for shipping and submit test batteries to external labs as required. 
• May perform more complex testing which may require unusual precautions for precision, safety, accurate recording, etc. 
• May schedule and check test results. 
• May compute data for and prepare graphs, charts, etc. 
• May work on routings, under direction of Quality Engineers, maintaining current routings, issuing, filing, etc. (Does not make decisions on operations or sequences not previously specified.) 
• May perform variety of duties in manufacturing engineering sections to assist engineers where some work involves knowledge of technical aspects as distinguished from mainly clerical functions. 
• Maintain good housekeeping practices in work area/laboratory. 
• May maintain scrap database for in-plant junks and batteries assembled. 
• Generate daily, weekly and monthly reports as required. 

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