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ChefBattle Creek.


Battle Creek | United States | 49017

Job Description

In this role, you will ideate, formulate, manage, re-engineer, record and showcase food products for food discovery, food prototyping, and gold standard food product development.  You will be responsible for managing a kitchen and kitchen staff to achieve these goals.  Additionally, you will manage and produce occasional special events.  Must be willing and able to comply with all product development protocols and contribute to these protocols as this new division grows and develops.



·         Cooks – Creates and produces food under the direction of the Culinary Innovation Manager and Culinary Director in accordance with Design Briefs; presents, records, re-engineers, shares and cleans up same.

·         Produces, records, and offers up for review Gold Standards for new food development.

·         Establishes and enforces Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and ensures SOP’s are in place and enforced.

·         Establishes a standard pantry list, inventories this list, augments this list, and procures these items and helps to ensure a minimum inventory is on hand at all times. 

·         Works collaboratively with the Engine Room and Process Lab to ensure a smooth transition from discover to Gold Standard to prototypes. 

·         Manages and prepares food for special events by writing menus, shopping lists, and equipment lists; preps, cooks, serves, and supervises clean up of same.



·         Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

·         Basic Math Skills

·         Comfortable with Public Speaking



·         Professional Affiliations/Memberships with any of the following:  Research Chefs Association, American Chef Federation



·         1-2 years working in a high-end professional kitchen



·         Culinary School Graduate (AOS or BA)

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