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CNC Machine Operator (386965)AikenSouth Carolina.

CNC Machine Operator (386965)

  • Aiken, South Carolina, United States

Position Description

1. Set machine controls, measure and load tools, fixtures, tapes, programs, and operate machine. 2. Load and unload parts onto machine and fixtures from pallets or containers 3. Use hand-tools, ratchets, air tools, or other devices to secure parts and fixtures 4. Machine parts to blueprint specifications 5. Check parts to quality specifications 6. Troubleshoot problems and recommend or take corrective action 7. Use hoist, pallet jacks or forklift to move parts, material, containers and fixtures to and from storage areas 8. Complete paperwork for work orders, labor and time reporting, quality records and related reporting requirements 9. Maintain a clean and safe work area 10. Train others 11. Perform other duties as necessary and appropriate for this position

Skills Required

1. Must have high school diploma or GED 2. Operator II - Must have a minimum of 4 years CNC machine controlled equipment experience in a metal cutting/metal working manufacturing environment. 3. Able to apply shop math, read and interpret blueprints and calculate dimensions 4. Able to use gages and measuring tools to determine the quality of a part 5. Able to reach up to 50 inches, lift 30 pounds, and apply 30 pounds of torque to ratchets to load and unload parts on machine 6. Able to understand work orders, machine controls and settings, fixtures and tool requirements and make adjustments as needed 7. Able to understand safety policies, procedures and machine features 8. Able to operate hoist, pallet jack, or forklift. Operation of forklift requires passing a certification test and the ability to step up 14 inches onto the forklift. 9. Good analytical, problem solving, interpersonal, and communications skills 10. Good time management and planning skills

Experience Required

Must have a minimum of 4 years CNC machine controlled equipment experience in a metal cutting/metal working manufacturing environment.

Education Required

Must have High School Diploma or GED

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