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Construction Supervisor (150430)MauldinSouth Carolina.

Construction Supervisor (150430)

Mauldin | South Carolina | United States | 29662

This position is responsible for representing Company in the construction of various size projects. As such, this person will provide front-end input to project managers to develop construction strategies and schedules, and also provides the interface between the Company project team and the construction contractors. Primary responsibilities include the oversight of the construction site with regard to safety, quality, schedule, cost, and compliance to specifications. 

Specific tasks include:
- Serve as the primary Company interface to the construction contractor, project team, operations, and engineering groups; especially with regard to installation and execution activities and resolving field problems.
- Provide technical expertise and consultation (constructability) in the design, contract development/bidding, and construction phases of projects.
- Coordinate site visits, interpret bid specifications, and explain site specific security and safety regulations.
- Responsible for providing and maintaining a safe worksite. Has pro-active involvement with contractors to prevent accidents and injuries. Conducts incident investigations, if necessary.
- Closely monitors contractors and provide guidance to ensure full understanding of the scope and minimize construction claims. In general, must be able to analyze and choose low cost alternatives in execution of the work.
- Continually inspects the construction work to assure that job schedules are maintained and that work is being performed safely as per codes and design specifications.
- Must be constantly vigilant to ensure that quantity and quality of materials, equipment, and contract labor meet contract requirements.
- Documents field activities and products necessary reports on a weekly and monthly basis.
- Coordinates duties of other construction engineers and/or contract inspectors.
- Supports Project Team in the review and authorization of field changes.
- Verifies and approves invoices to validate accuracy with respect to work performance and/or equipment delivered, and recommends approval for payment

This person will become highly integrated into the NCE/W organization through project and technical assistance request support. Travel may be up to 75% and generally limited to support the MWRSC linked sites.

Knowledge and Experience / Education Requirements - What skills, education, training or experience are needed to perform the job 
An associate degree in Construction Management and/or Engineering technology is required. 
A BS degree in construction management or engineering is desired but not required. 

Knowledge of the methods, procedures, material, equipment and accepted safety practices used in the fabrication, manufacture, assembly and installation, and testing of mechanical material (process piping, HVAC, plumbing, etc.) for chemical processing plants, and other related structures. 
Experience analyzing and interpreting plans and specifications; making technical inspections of mechanical material for chemical process plants or other related structures for conformance with specifications, and identifying and making recommendations as to necessary changes; inspection of the installation and assist in start-up and testing operations for mechanical components/systems.

Approximately 5 to 10 years combined experience as a construction manager. 

The following skill sets are considered critical qualities that the candidate must possess: 
Strong safety background with deep understanding of OSHA and Company safety requirements; 
Very strong customer focus capabilities to closely interact with multiple organizational levels; 
Demonstrated work experience in project execution;
A strong technical background in mechanical equipment installation / pipe fitting / HVAC or demonstrated exp

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