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Electrical Engineer (201476)OshkoshWisconsin.

Electrical Engineer (201476)

Oshkosh | Wisconsin | United States | 54902


Provide design and integration support for vehicle control/embedded systems development. The position shall provide the necessary hardware/software recommendations. The position shall be able to execute a vehicle control/embedded system project plan. 


1. Support supervisor, suppliers, engineering specialists, and other departments to execute job assignments, consisting of meeting specifications and performing calculations, analysis, and material and component selection 

2. Responsible for quality conscious design including cost, weight, reliability, and ease of manufacturing 

3. Provide production support 

4. Provide technical assistance for prototype, pilot, or production build 

5. Utilize various state-of-the-art-engineering tools, i.e., a personal computer (PC) or (CAD) equipment, in assigned projects as applicable 

6. Process engineering information through change notices, change proposals, and the creation of thorough part print documentation. Respond to Continuous Improvement Request forms 

7. Use reasonable foresight to identify vehicle operation and maintenance risks and control them within acceptable levels 

8. Direct support of suppliers and test programs to include travel to off-site locations as necessary to accomplish assigned engineering programs 

9. Design for integration of communication, computer and networking (C4ISR) systems into military ground vehicles 

10. Design for physical integration and electrical interfaces for Contractor Furnished Equipment (CFE) and Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) using Interface Control Documents (ICD)' 
'Support proposal development 

11. Potential travel 10% of time (not very likely, but a possibility) 


 Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering 

 Internship experience or 6-plus months related experience 

Obtain US Military Secret Clearance 


 Ability to read, comprehend, and develop electrical schematics 

 Good oral and written communication skills 

 Experience with automotive or heavy-duty equipment 

 Strong analytical and problem-solving skills 

Experience with computers and in-vehicle data systems 

Ability to work independently

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