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Electrical Engineer - Circuit/Harness Design (220776)OshkoshWisconsin.

Electrical Engineer - Circuit/Harness Design (220776)

Oshkosh | Wisconsin | United States | 54902

Perform engineering work of various types in the electrical design or re-design, and development of electrical systems into existing and new, medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Exercise independent judgment and action. Will require working closely with suppliers, engineering specialists, and other departments. This person will provide resource estimates for project planning as well. 
1. Responsible for integration of electrical components and circuitry into vehicle designs 
2. Work with SAE, Federal, and Military Standards for design compliance 
3. Plan and direct engineering in a major project through all phases of innovation and development 
4. Establishes priorities for work delegated to others 
5. Work closely with other engineering groups 
6. Assist in feasibility studies and project estimates on proposed projects 
7. Support proposal development 
8. Directs preparation of layouts, drawings, specification, and bills of material 
9. Select parts and/or design components for cost and quality-conscious design to meet service applications 
10. Consult with suppliers, customers, & members of Engineering, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Assembly, Service, and Testing, Quality Control, and Marketing departments 
11. Follow project on the assembly floor through initial build and render assistance necessary to support manufacturing and industrial engineering efforts 
12. Utilize various state-of-the-art engineering tools, i.e. personal computer and CAD equipment 
13. Possess a strong electrical knowledge of vehicles, electrical theory, electrical component and related systems 

• Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering 
• 3-plus years of experience working with truck/mobile equipment 

• Relevant design experience with vehicle electrical systems 
• Working knowledge of pneumatic and hydraulic systems 
• Strong oral and written communication skills 
• Experience with automotive or heavy-duty equipment 
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

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