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Fanuc Service/Installation EngineerUnion CityCalifornia.

Fanuc Service/Installation Engineer

Union City | California | United States

The purpose of the Field Service Engineer is to provide customers with on‑site repair, troubleshooting, programming or maintenance services of FANUC robots and related system peripheral equipment on an emergency or unscheduled basis. Senior engineers have the experience to solve difficult problems on all controller platforms and take on a leadership role when multiple service engineers are dispatched on a call.


The remote service engineer will be located in the Union City CA area, within driving distance of the West office in Union City.  The Field Service Engineer must be able to travel to a customer site on a moments notice and remain on-site for the duration of time required to perform the troubleshooting and repair functions. Assignments may involve long hours, night, weekend and holiday work.  Air travel is sometimes required. Customers may contact the 24-hour Hotline or the remote service engineer for service requests, which are logged in the Technical Service Log by the person contacted. If the call is received by the Hotline, it is assigned to a Service Engineer by the Service dispatcher. It is the Service Engineer’s responsibility to schedule the call with the customer, identify and obtain any parts or software required. Upon the completion of the call a Field Service Report describing the problem, the corrective action and detailing the labor, material and travel expense costs is provided to the customer and then returned to the main office for processing. 

Essential Functions:

·         Ability to discuss, diagnosis & repair robot operational and process problems as reported by the customer or Hotline

·         Troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of robot controllers, electrical control devices, mechanical units, transfer devices and peripheral equipment

·         Documenting robot and related peripheral equipment performance, failure modes and reporting results for the purpose of troubleshooting, repairing, and restarting the system

·         Daily reporting to the Service Supervisor & Dispatch to update status & availability

·         Completion of a Field Service Report for each customer call

·         Storage and maintenance of a service stock of parts commonly used on robot repair calls

·         Perform warranty service on robot or system components

·         Coordinate responsibilities, activities, and schedule with Service Supervisor to insure customer satisfaction, proper billing, and collections

·         Communicate frequently with involved company employees and customer employees to insure that expectations are being met

·         Return of parts shipped for the service call but not purchased by the customer or defective parts replaced under warranty

·         Maintenance of a home office for coordinating activities in between service calls

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