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HVAC Technician (217537)Grand RapidsMichigan.

HVAC Technician (217537)

Grand Rapids | Michigan | United States | 49505

BASIC FUNCTION: Service, maintain, troubleshoot and repair heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems and equipment; diagnose malfunctions and determine repair needs; inspect and perform tests on systems and equipment for defective parts and to assure proper functioning.

This position has constant contact with the Customer, Operations Manager and Dispatcher for HVAC/R to receive service call detail and communicate call requirements and results.


  • Present a professional positive and helpful attitude at all times when interacting with customers and co-workers. Exhibit an understanding of Human Relations and functions as a “team player”.
  • This position has frequent contact with customers, requiring reasonable tact and strong verbal/written communication skills.
  • Observe additional maintenance needs requiring attention and report to the appropriate people.


  • High school diploma or GED preferred
  • Read and write English
  • Write legibly
  • Read a tape measure, perform basic math skills: (Add, Subtract, Fractions, Calculate sales tax)
  • Must have valid Michigan drivers licenses, good driving record (our insurance must accept you)
  • Paper work filled out properly daily, including electronic documentation, if applicable
  • Well groomed, hair above the collar, beards and mustaches must be neat and trimmed.
  • No visible jewelry or piercing except for one finger ring and one wrist watch.
  • Follow verbal and written instructions.
  • Follow all safety rules.
  • Be able to wear all P.P.D’s when applicable (steel toe boots, gloves, safety glasses, hard hat, etc.)
  • Lift, climb, bend, and kneel in order to complete assigned tasks.
  • Tolerate working at heights off a ladder, scaffold and aerial lifts.
  • Perform heavy physical labor during adverse weather conditions.
  • Work in confined spaces, exposed to fumes, chemicals, grease, acids, oil and in the vicinity of noise and vibration with proper P.P.D’s.
  • Maintain cooperative and effective working relationship with others.
  • Be able to take “on call” in the regular rotation.
  • Be available to work any time of the day to take care of your customer. (Before 8:00 am and after 5:00 pm during the week, any time weekends and holidays)
  • 4 hours safety training required annually
  • Must have refrigerant transition and recovery certification card.
  • Continuing education is expected.

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