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Intelligent Vehicle Engineer - Perception (194541)PlymouthMichigan.

Intelligent Vehicle Engineer - Perception (194541)

Plymouth | Michigan | United States | 48170

Job Summary

We are looking for individuals who will focus on development and implementation of frameworks and algorithms of sensor fusion and perception for advanced autonomous driving systems. Responsibilities include developing algorithms to track and classify objects, fuse perception and mapping to provide a holistic view of the surrounding of automated vehicles. This includes applications of cutting edge solutions for localization, SLAM, sensor fusion, scene building and interpretation, situation assessment, classification, prediction.


Job Responsibilities (The qualified candidate will be responsible for, but not limited to the following)

·         The candidate will collaborate with other algorithm developers, perception, localization and mapping engineers, and system architects for other subsystems to achieve extremely capable automated vehicle.

·         The candidate will develop perception and sensors technologies enabling automated vehicle features that will integrate into targeted vehicle applications.

·         The candidate will work closely with engineering researchers, software developers, validation engineers, HMI engineers, network engineers and suppliers to develop components and systems to support features.

·         The candidate is expected to lead or support advance technical work that develops, deploys, validates, and optimizes new technologies on sensor, sensing, perception and/or features for automated vehicles.

·         Travel as required.

Job Specifications

·         Bachelor in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, required; Master’s/PhD Degree in Engineering preferred.

·         5+ years of production automotive experience.

·         Ability to independently carry out all phases of algorithm development, compile, build, debug, simulation, testing, validation and documentation.

·         Ability to produce effective written and verbal communication across a global team.

·         Experience in SW engineering, especially C/C++, debugging skills, and multi-threaded programming, Matlab and Simulink.

·         Tracking theory knowledge such as in Kalman filters.

·         Knowledge about automated driving.

·         Team player and project-oriented.

·         Extensive work ethic.

·         Creative thinking.

Preferred Qualifications

·         Familiarity with autonomous driving sensors such as Camera, Radar, Lidar and IMU/GPS

·         Background in data/information-fusion, uncertainty-analysis, and the application of stochastic probability models, including Hidden Markov Models and Bayes’ Theorem

·         Experience with Embedded SW Development environments

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