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Inventory Clerk MartinsburgWest Virginia.

Inventory Clerk

Martinsburg | West Virginia | United States | 25401


1.            Create a Daily Work Plan each day, and distribute to affected employees

2.            Collect information regarding inventory control issues from the previous day, and evaluate the need to assign appropriate hourly personnel to address issues

3.            Process any remaining issues and distribute to affected employees

4.            Update the visuals displayed on bulletin boards to reflect the previous day’s work

5.            Investigate current inventory levels for the previous day’s dealer quality issues to evaluate the need for an Inventory Check

6.            Create the daily Inventory Check listing, prioritize the work, and assign to appropriate hourly personnel

7.            Document and prepare the previous day’s work for leadership approval

8.            Search for Inventory Errors created for today’s work and address them. Do this periodically during the day

9.            Use the information provided from the Corporate Staff to schedule parts to be moved to a more appropriate location. Assign the moves to appropriate hourly personnel

10.          When hourly personnel have completed their Inventory Checks, review their work to correct errors, including verifying inventory yourself. This is to insure the inventory corrections are accurate

11.          Field check locations scheduled to be reallocated to insure inventory accuracy

12.          Communicate a summary of the previous day’s work to the logistics supplier via email

13.          Evaluate the inventory status for parts flagged for Quality Hold. If the part is able to be return to service, complete that process

14.          Evaluate the incoming orders against the current inventory levels and create a list of replenishments to meet Dealer orders. Prioritize and assign the replenishments to appropriate hourly personnel

15.          Monitor the completion of the replenishments. Evaluate the workload and reassign it as required to appropriate hourly personnel, to insure completion prior to the end of the shift

16.          Complete miscellaneous inventory corrections as they arise

17.          Record the productivity of affected hourly personnel for the day’s work

18.          Prepare as much as possible for the next day’s work using information received during the shift


The following are tasks that are required Weekly or Monthly



•             Communicate part information errors to Corporate Staff members for correction. Monitor the response from the Corporate Staff to insure accurate inventory.

•             Search for incomplete dealer orders and communicate those to leadership.



•             Compile the Order Completion Rate for the month and provide that data to Leadership.

•             Prepare tracking documents for the next month’s information.

•             Collect the legal documents generated and mark them for storage.

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