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Inventory Control Clerk (222078)West ChesterOhio.

Inventory Control Clerk (222078)

West Chester | Ohio | United States | 45069

Major Job Duties and Responsibilities:
·         Works with high level of confidentiality
·         Prepares, analyzes and selects methods of presenting various data
·         Maintains high level of technical expertise and procedural knowledge
·         Assumes managerial responsibilities
·         Attends meetings/disseminates information and makes suggestions for future development
·         Searches out and corrects inconsistent data
·         Solves problems and develops new methods of analysis
·         Writes reports and summaries of findings
·         Coordinates and monitors special or unusual projects
·         Frequent contact with others outside the work group 

Required Skills/Experience:
·         High level of analytical ability where problems are complex
·         High level of interpersonal skills to work effectively with others
·         Well developed oral and written communications skills
·         Knowledge and understanding of Corporate/unit policies and procedures
·         Knowledge of mainframe systems
·         Advanced proficiency with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access applications
·         Ability to organize, plan, and document tasks Broad knowledge of technology in areas to which assigned

Preferred Skills/Experience:
·         Five or more years work experience

Required Education/Training:
·         College degree or equivalent training 

Daily Responsibilities
1) Support Inbound General Supervisor with Trailer reports.
2) Support I/C General Supervisor with inventory reports

Soft Skills: 
1) Organized 
2) Computer literate 
3) Attention to Details as will be reviewing the trailer reports

Work Environment: 
1) Union Environment
2) Working mainly in office setting with going out in the warehouse to confirm materials on the trailer report

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