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IT Project Manager (186308)Valley ViewOhio.

IT Project Manager (186308)

Valley View | Ohio | United States

Job Description

This position is responsible for managing dealer systems related projects, using both Agile/Scrum and traditional project management methodologies. The incumbent is responsible for establishing and/or executing existing project management, planning and monitoring techniques to ensure projects and support processes are achieved per quality, cost, and schedule commitments. Other responsibilities include: establishing effective relationships with the end-users, leadership, and project team; developing work plans and estimates for projects, managing multiple projects concurrently, and communicating project status to ensure planned delivery. 

Project Management 

·         Ensures that projects are delivered on time, on budget, and with the expected level of quality. 

·         Works with team to prepare estimates and timelines for project tasks. 

·         Facilitates project communications to promote team participation and sense of ownership. 

·         Prepares and manages work plans that consider sound risk assessment, project co-dependencies, and resource constraints. 

·         Reports status and progress of assigned projects to stakeholders. 

·         Ensures that a Project methodology is used effectively and consistently across all projects under the incumbent’s control. 

·         Collaborates with resources from various cross-functional areas to assist in the definition and planning of projects 

Scrum Master 

·         Removing impediments or guiding the team to remove impediments by finding the right personnel to remove the impediment. 

·         Building a trusting and safe environment where problems can be raised without fear of blame, retribution, or being judged, with an emphasis on healing and problem-solving. 

·         Facilitating getting the work done without coercion, assigning, or dictating the work. 

·         Facilitating discussion, decision making, and conflict resolution. 

·         Assisting with internal and external communication, improving transparency, and radiating information. 

·         Providing all support to the team using a servant leadership style whenever possible, and leading by example.  

Continuous Improvement 

·         Encourages and maintains respectful and productive relationships, promoting teamwork. 

·         Works with team to assess, monitor and improve delivery, content, and quality measures according to defined goals. 

·         Consistently performs work according to the prescribed project methodology, so as to attain repeatability and consistency from project to project. 

·         Assists stakeholders in assessing and improving procedures, policies, and practices. 

·         Maintains level of understanding of HDDS/HDMC policies and procedures. 

·         Maintains level of understanding of HDDS and Company product and service offerings. 

Relevant Education 

·         Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Business Administration, or equivalent combination of education and experience, is required. 

·         Equivalency Definition 

o   In lieu of the education requirement, a combination of relevant education and experience is accepted. The equivalent definition is 3 years of relevant experience for each full year of education required. 

Relevant Experience 

·         Minimum 3 years of active and successful project management experience. 

·         Experience in playing the Scrum Master role for at least one year for a software development team that was diligently applying Scrum principles, practices, and theory. (Adjust based on your necessity) 

·         Good skills and knowledge of servant leadership, facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, continual improvement, empowerment, and increasing transparency. 

·         Knowledge of various well-documented patterns and techniques for filling in the intentional gaps left in the Scrum approach (example: numerous Burndown technologies, various Retrospective formats, handling bugs, etc.). 

·         Demonstrated communication skills to effectively provide and receive information relative to assigned projects. 

·         Requires strong organizational skills and excellent problem-solving skills to handle ambiguous project parameters, changing priorities, and tight schedules. 

·         Demonstrated attention to detail and quality measures. 

·         Demonstrated ability to make well thought out logical decisions. 

·         Must be a self-motivated and have the ability to drive projects to completion 

·         Must be quick learner and easily adaptable to change. 

·         Travel: less than 10% 

·         Experience working in retail, motorcycle, or automotive industries is a plus. 

Critical Performance Skills 

Able to clearly present information through the spoken or written word read and interpret complex information; talk with customers or clients; listen well. 

Decision Making & Problem Solving 
Able to take action in solving problems while exhibiting judgment and a realistic understanding of issues: able to use reason, even when dealing with emotional topics; review facts and weigh options. 

Able to be tactful, maintains confidences, and fosters an ethical work environment; prevent inappropriate behavior by coworkers; give proper credit to others; handle all situations honestly. 

Planning, Prioritizing, & Goal Setting 
Able to prepare for emerging customer needs; manage multiple projects; determine project urgency in a meaningful and practical way; use goals to guide actions and create detailed action plans; organize and schedule people and task. 

Policies, Process, & Procedures 
Able to act in accordance with established guidelines; follow standard procedures in crisis situations; communicate and enforce organizational policies and procedures; recognize and constructively conform to unwritten rules or practices. 

Able to maintain high standards despite pressing deadlines; establish high standards and measures; do work right the first time and inspect material for flaws; test new methods thoroughly; reinforce excellence as a fundamental priority. 

Relationship Management 
Able to develop rapport with others and recognize their concerns and feelings; build and maintain long-term associations based on trust; help others. 

Respecting Diversity 
Able to adapt behavior to others styles; interact with people who have different values, cultures, or backgrounds; be of service to difficult people; optimize the benefits of having a diverse workforce. 

Tolerance of Ambiguity 
Able to withhold actions or speech in the absence of important information; deal with unresolved situations, frequent change, delays, or unexpected events.


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