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Licensing Administrator (186496)Warren.

Licensing Administrator (186496)

Warren | United States | 48093

Job Description

We are searching for an intellectual property licensing administrator. The successful candidate will be responsible for updating Agreements, collection of royalties, reconciling royalty reports and maintaining customer databases. The primary focus is licensing intellectual property to achieve licensing goals and objectives while maintaining compliance with all governmental laws and regulations.

Job Overview:

·         Update template agreements with pertinent information.

·         Send out and ensure timely return of proposed licensed agreements

·         Follow up on royalty payments and reconciling royalty reports

·         Maintain customer database and files with new or updated information

·         Assist in implementing licensing strategy

·         Frequent contact with others outside the immediate work group and others in the industry outside the company

·         Coordinate and manage delivery of intellectual property to licensees

·         Managing compliance of licensees

·         Identifying non-compliant products in the market (piracy)

·         Handle a variety of non-recurring special assignments

·         Other tasks as assigned by management

Candidate Qualifications:

·         Required

o   Ability to read, understand and interpret contracts

o   Ability to manage multiple contracts and tasks simultaneously

o   Above average verbal and written communication skills including the ability to give presentations 

o   Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint 

o   Knowledge of Independent Automotive Aftermarket 

o   High level of analytical ability where problems are unusual and difficult

·         Preferred

o   Understanding of intellectual property licensing practices

o   Understanding of regulatory and legal requirements for service and parts information

o   Understanding Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association standards

o   Experience with Automotive Aftermarket (or similar) Licensing 

o   Knowledge of automotive service and parts specific file formats

o   Supervisory Experience

o   Associates, bachelor’s Degree, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Additional Information

·         Not an entry level role

·         Associates, bachelor’s Degree, or an equivalent combination of education and experience is okay.

·         We are not looking for just legal background, must be a good combination of legal, accounting, finance with good business acumen.


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