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Maintenance Electrician (138580)Kansas CityMissouri.

Maintenance Electrician (138580)

Kansas City | Missouri | United States | 64154



Ensures that process equipment is production ready by: 
1. Using test equipment to diagnose malfunctions. 
2. Repairing process equipment. 
3. Planning, laying out, installing and repairing wiring, electrical fixture apparatus and control equipment. 
4. Working from blueprints, schematic and circuit diagrams, manufacturers’ specifications and oral instructions needed to perform the job. 
5. Fabricating boxes, supports and performing any necessary functions required to properly achieve completion of the job. 
6. Installing and connecting control distribution apparatus such as transformers, switches, relays, circuit breaker panels and motors. 
7. Upgrading, modifying, repairing, adjusting and testing all types of programmable controls, numerically controlled and computer numerically controlled equipment. 
8. Programming controls as they relate to equipment, input, output, subroutines and equipment parameters. 
9. Performing all inspection and cleaning of all electrically and electronically operated equipment. 
10. Inspecting, overhauling, lubricating and cleaning motors and controls on electronic and electrical equipment. 
11. Operating necessary material handling equipment to transport supplies to the job and to make installations and repairs. 
12. Performing Preventive Maintenance (PM fluids and oiling that are not operator specific). 
13. Performing necessary mechanical operations incidental to the job being performed. 

Maintains Facilities by: 
1. Monitoring and correcting air abatement, smoke and dust collection systems. 
2. Maintaining outside building, equipment and facilities. 
3. Installing and repairing all security equipment. 
4. Repairing electrical, refrigeration, electronic, and facilities equipment. 


Maintains Records and Reports by: 
1. Recording and charting quality, productivity and any related group scorecard measures. 

Ensures Safe Work Environment by: 
1. Adhering to housekeeping guidelines in entire work group area. 
2. Enforcing all Company safety policies and/or rules and those unique to the RWG. 
3. Attending and participating in all safety training required in the RWG's. 
4. Performing safety inspection on a daily basis (lights, horns, tires, fluid levels, emergency stops electrical wires, machine guards, etc.). 

Contributes to group effort by: 
1. Training and familiarizing work group members with RWG processes. 
2. Working with NWG's, RG's, RWG's, OSR's, committees and/or other stakeholders to resolve tool, material, equipment or process problems. 
3. Participating in group processes and structure as defined by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, its appendices and the KCOS (i.e.: production schedules, factory objectives, budgets, etc.). 
4. Participating in developing, following and continuously improving operations and processes (i.e. work instructions, process sheets, etc.). 
5. Performing routine material handling associated with the job. 
6. Utilizing, monitoring and performing preventative maintenance activities. 
7. Using appropriate tools such as hand, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic or precision. 
8. Ordering and stocking all necessary materials as needed. 
9. Assisting other members of your RWG as needed. 
10. Participating in Group Training. 
11. Participating in PWG and plant wide groups. 

Supports Continuous Improvement by: 
1. Maintaining and developing knowledge, skills, communications and abilities to effectively perform roles and responsibilities within the NWG. 
2. Participating as needed in PWG or plant wide committees. 
3. Volunteering for RWG action register items, to resolve action register items that involve leadership responsibilities and group training responsibility. 

Supports Quality by: 
1. Ensuring overall product and process capability. 
2. Ensuring updated process sheets and work instructions for ISO. 


Eligible candidates must possess a Journeymen Electrician’s card or six (6) years of equivalent job related Industrial Electrical experience related to the Electrical installation, repair and troubleshooting of Facilities and Production equipment in an Industrial Environment. This experience should include installation, repair, troubleshooting of equipment up to 480V 3 Phase, Motor Controls, PLC’s, CNC Controls, Conduit bending and installation, Industrial Process controls. The applicant must successfully pass the Maintenance Electrical Assessment Tests.

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