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Maintenance Supervisor - Rotating Shift (394187)LockportNew York.

Maintenance Supervisor - Rotating Shift (394187)

  • Lockport, New York, United States

This role is responsible for a medium size group of employees in a skilled area of work which involves the construction, repair and maintenance of plant and equipment. Work is of a technical nature with decisions made within the limits of general procedures and specifications. Some direct guidance received from supervisor.
• Supervises construction and maintenance projects
• Responsible for diagnosis of equipment malfunctions
• Responsible for the effective use of personnel, material and equipment
• Meets schedule and quality requirements
• Complies with the terms of local and national labor agreements
• Implements safety and good housekeeping practices
• Implements divisional and Corporate policies
• Frequent contact with others outside the work group
• Establishes a course of action to accomplish completion of the job and/or project
• Coordinates input from internal/external customers to better understand customer needs and/or perceptions
• Keeps abreast of current product developments and trends in areas of expertise
• Actively identifies new areas for learning and takes advantage of learning opportunities
Basic Required Skills
• Relatively high level of analytical ability where problems are complex
• Ability to interpret blueprints and engineering drawings
• Knowledge of basic math including trigonometry
• Oral and written communication skills
• Medium level of interpersonal skills to work effectively with others
• Knowledge of basic mechanical concepts
• Demonstrated technical and professional skills in job-related area
• Ability to work rotating shifts & weekends
• Must be able to work overtime as needed
Basic Preferred Skills
• Appropriate interpersonal styles and communication methods to work effectively with business partners to meet mutual goals required, motivate employees and elicit work output
• Knowledge of and ability to effectively use computer software as it pertains to engineering
Education and Training
• Required: Bachelor’s degree in engineering or other technical field and/or equivalent experience
• Required: Training in skilled trades area or equivalent technical

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