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Mechanical Planner (158891)Port ArthurTexas.

Mechanical Planner (158891)

Port Arthur | Texas | United States | 77643

Functional Description - Mechanical Planner


The mechanical planner is a member of the Integrated Coordinator Team responsible for all mechanical TAR planning. Normally, this responsibility will be limited to a specific functional or geographical division of the Site/Unit (e.g. Area) as assigned by the TAR core team.


Pre-SD activities:

  • Analyze detail planning information from previous TAR(s), as required
  • Keep track of all scope activities relating to mechanical equipment (including secondary IE activities related to the mechanical equipment).
  • Request secondary I&E planning support through the use of the Master IE tracking sheet.
  • Participate in the scope definition process, with a focus on the mechanical activities (equipment inspections, repairs and capital projects)
  • Participate in Area scope collection process / preliminary challenges
  • Plan Jobs in assigned areas in the RMS planning tool according to guidelines set by lead planners, planning coordinators and TAR managers.
  • Maintain planning progress targets as defined by core team.
  • Maintain information updates necessary in the TAR equipment tracking sheet.
  • Coordinate and enter planning data into RMS for TAR capital project activities as defined by the TAR capital projects mechanical planner.
  • Support IE planning to finalize planning of the mechanical activities associated with I&E jobs as necessary (e.g., by periodically reviewing the Master IE Tracking sheet for secondary planning requests).
  • Coordinates with the I&E, Electrical, and Operations Planners regarding scope development, scope additions, isolation, work planning, etc.
  • Support the development of the site/unit infrastructure and facilities (provide summary of needs to Logistics Coordinator, esp. long-lead deliveries)
  • Evaluate execution resource plan for mechanical crafts
  • Ensure contractor understands the contents of mechanical work packages.


SD activities:

  • Provide field supervision of mechanical jobs, including safety and quality oversight
  • Provide daily progress updates for I/E jobs
  • Document daily findings and events (notes/photographs)
  • Ensure discovery work is addressed through the TAR-specific work process
  • Participate in PSSRs, safety/housekeeping walkthroughs, and Re-commissioning activities
  • Provide contractors with any additional documentation needed to conduct work properly


Post-SD activities:

  • Provide input to contractor evaluations
  • Participate in review meetings and creation of lessons learned
  • Ensure planning details, daily notes, photos, and other documentation  are properly archived

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