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Molecular Biologist - Crop Genetics (258119)DurhamNorth Carolina.

Molecular Biologist - Crop Genetics (258119)

Research Triangle Park | Durham | North Carolina | United States

Position Purpose 
Candidate will assist with generation of genotypic data to identify the molecular basis of native traits for their application in cotton and soybean improvement. The selected candidate will work with a small team to apply sequence-based genotyping approaches using state of the art instrumentation. The candidate will be responsible for performing various plate-based molecular biology protocol steps along a high throughput process that turns a plant DNA sample into a DNA sequencing library and then into DNA sequence data. 

Major Tasks and responsibilities 
• Work within a group of laboratory scientist that perform: DNA sample quantitation, 96 well plate-based enzymatic steps for DNA sequencing library production, and other sample and reagent preparation steps using various liquid handling instruments 
• Record and summarize sample preparation steps in a laboratory notebook 
• Work well with others, contribute to team synergy 
• Ensure compliance to Safety and Stewardship programs 

The Main Objective of this Function 
Sample processing for production of sequence-based genotyping data for all cotton and soybean molecular breeding projects 

• BS with minimum of 2 years of relevant experience in a high throughput or research laboratory 
• Good working knowledge of and experience in the field of molecular biology 
• Creative and flexible thinking while maintaining attention to organizational detail 
• Proficient verbal, written, and presentation skills. Proficient in MS Office Applications. 
• Experience using and troubleshooting liquid handling instruments for processing of 96/384 well sample plates and/or creating next generation sequencing libraries will be a differentiating capability

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