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Planned Maintenance SupervisorGrand RapidsMichigan.

Planned Maintenance Supervisor

Grand Rapids | Michigan | United States | 49505

Job Summary:

The Planned maintenance Supervisor is responsible for building and maintaining a cohesive team in delivery of superior service to Seaman’s customers.  This position requires strong leadership and supervisory skills to maintain a quality workforce motivated to serve customers with excellence.  This position has an impact on the profitability of the company by meeting the expectations of Seaman’s customers.  The Planned Maintenance Supervisor must possess strong interpersonal and communications skills that support successful negotiations with difficult customers and the planned maintenance team.  They utilize effective listening and communications and works to develop strong supportive relationships with all departments.  This person demonstrates a positive, can-do attitude and takes personal ownership of problems, challenges and opportunities.

Customer Satisfaction Management:

·         Work with account managers during the estimating and proposal process.

·         Supervises the planned maintenance process to ensure 100% on time meeting customer commitments.

·         Work with Account Manager’s and field personnel on newly assigned contracts.

·         Review all reconciled accounts prior to renewal. Then work with the account manager and field personnel during the renewal process.

·         Work with account managers to insure renewals are submitted to the customer in a timely manner.

·         Follow up with account managers on disposition of submitted renewals.

·         Ensures all paperwork for new and renewed accounts is complete, accurate, and given to Service Coordinator.

·         Communicates with Planned Maintenance Personnel on a regular basis.

·         Assist with Scheduling Conflicts when needed.


·         When appropriate, personally gets involved in customer problem situations and through effective communication skills, resolves the difficulty resulting in client satisfaction.

·         Track all exceptions to insure completion as soon as possible.

·         Communicate with Operation’s Manager on all disputes, and customer complaints.

·         Helps to insure the accuracy of billing and related documentation of hours, parts used, and other components.

·         Periodically initiates contacts with Key customers to insure their continued satisfaction with Seaman’s service.


Profitability and Asset Management:

·         Achieves all goals associated with planned maintenance department’s contributing to the business gross margins.

·         Maintains all measurement and tracking tools to show the maintenance team’s productivity and performance against key goals.

·         Oversees process to insure all technicians’ hours are billed correctly.

·         Has and works a plan to improve any productivity deficiencies.

·         Insures Planned Maintenance programs are carried out per client agreements.

·         Insure all planned maintenance technicians maintain adequate truck inventory to maximize timely completion of planned maintenance agreements.

·         Assist Invoicing team with all billing information questions.


Personnel Development:

·         Observes planned maintenance personnel performance and provides feedback and coaching that result in improved performance.

·         Develops documents and manages “Improvement Plans” with a direct report performing below expectations. Seeks assistance from Operations Manager when needed.

·         Insures the planned maintenance department is a model of professionalism in terms of appearance, behavior, and courtesy.

·         Develops and implements programs to integrate new associates into the planned maintenance department insuring they quickly learn the policies, procedures, and processes leading to work ethics that support the firm’s client satisfaction and profitability goals.

·         Conducts semiannual and documents appraisals of associate’s performance leading to plans for improvement and fair salary administration with Operations Managers assistance.

·         Seeks assistance from Operations Manager and HR Manger when disciplinary action is required.


Leadership Team Contributor:

·         Actively seeks feedback from other departments on how the Planned Maintenance Departments performance can improve to the advantage of the entire company.

·         Utilizes strong interpersonal skills and openly deals with peers to positively resolve interdepartmental roadblocks and problems.

·         Is willing and able to identify business problems and make recommendations for improvement.

·         Is viewed by management team as a team player.

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