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Plant Tissue Culture Technician (251889)DurhamNorth Carolina.

Plant Tissue Culture Technician (251889)

Research Triangle Park | Durham | North Carolina | United States

Experienced in the areas of plant transformation and plant growth and development. 
Knowledge of aseptic techniques and plant tissue culture methods and practices, as well as general understanding and application of scientific principles, theories and concepts in the field of plant tissue culture and transformation. 
Responsible for conducting the daily activities following Stewardship and safety guidelines. Preparation of plant tissue culture media and stock solutions are also expected. The incumbent will also be responsible for properly documenting and maintaining high-quality data through the use of databases and/or LIMS in addition to a properly maintained notebook. Will also be expected to actively participate in activities within and outside their area of expertise, including supporting plant production and screening in greenhouse and field environments when needed. 
Qualifications required: 
• BS degree in Biology, Plant biotechnology, plant science, or related field or an AAS degree in same with 3 years of experience working in the plant science field. BASF recognizes Institutions of Higher Education which are accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or equivalent. 
• Hands-on experience in initiating and maintaining plant cell cultures, and familiarity with different plant transformation technologies. 
• Knowledge and/or experience in preparing plant tissue culture media. 
• Ability to follow protocols and to effectively communicate results in both written and oral forms. 
• Demonstrated ability to effectively work on diverse teams and to actively participate in collaborative efforts. 
• Ability to work under limited supervision. 
Qualifications Preferred: 
• Experience in plant transformation of multiple crop species 
• Experience and/or knowledge of current non-GM methodologies and strategies in development of trait product 
• Demonstrated compliance with Stewardship requirements, and working in a safe and regulatory compliant manner.

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