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Production PlannerWentzvilleMissouri.

Production Planner

Wentzville | Missouri | United States


  • Defines, creates and maintains the production schedules based upon demand planning, actual customer demand, internal capacity constraints, and factor affecting schedule compliance. 
  • Monitors materials inventories, tracks manufacturing progress and reviews dynamics of production schedule utilization. 
  • Monitors and maintains planning system. 
  • Tracks and monitors schedule compliance and capacity utilization. 
  • Executes ERP processes and report functions, providing timely data and information used to drive the business and schedule decision making process. 
  • Plans and establishes the production schedule and tracks manufacturing progress.

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HRU has developed a large network of available candidates nationwide, as the company has been providing recruiting and staffing services in up to 22 States for over 25 years. We specialize in engineering, IT, technical and other support services. We are able to recruit and successfully place candidates in job openings in a variety of other fields and positions as well, such as human resources, administration, management, purchasing, sales, customer service, accounting, organic chemistry and more. HRU is able to service clients, regardless of location, by assigning an Account Manager and experienced Recruiters to provide the necessary staffing and support services. Likewise, HRU may assist job seekers anywhere in the United States, regardless of location.




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