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Production WorkerAtlantaGeorgia.

Production Worker

Atlanta | Georgia | United States

Job Description

Team members will perform routine tasks such as reworking product out of tubs and placing packages onto conveyors. Team members will also assist in supporting production in the event of inoperable equipment, hand stacking, manually packing cartons, sanitation and cleaning activities, as well as inspecting product for known defects.

Required Skills:

·         Must have ability to work safely following all safe work rules and procedures

·         Must be able to follow GMP

·         Must be on time and ready to work at start of shift

·         Must be able to work well with others to accomplish common goals

·         Must able to perform routine tasks with a significant amount of the time standing

·         Must be able to perform job requirements with minimum supervision


·         HS/GED

Additional Information:

·         Contracted workers to follow the same working hours as the team they support.

·         12-hour shifts.

·         Example Work on Mon/Tue then off Wed/Thu then back on Fri/Sat/Sun. The next week would be off Mon/Tue then work Wed/Thu and off on Fri/Sat/Sun.



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