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Quality Assurance TechnicianGrand RapidsMichigan.

Quality Assurance Technician

Grand Rapids | Michigan | United States

Position Description:

Managerial Work:

1)Continuously maintain knowledge of Product Specifications.

2)Learn the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures (SSOP’s)

3)Help managers train staff on product specifications and operating procedures.

4)Inform Management if the ingredients in production do not meet standards, as described in the specifications manual.

5)Inform Management if the procedures being followed on the floor do not meet FDA’s and company standards, as described in the company’s operations manuals and GMP procedures.

6)Make recommendations to management to improve the quality of existing products.

7)Produce a daily shift report on shift performance and test results of products and ingredients. The format of the shift report to be determined by management.

Technical Work:

1)Revise and update SSOPs to corporate standards while working with sanitation department management and hourly personnel.

2)Perform predetermined and/or random sampling, review and testing of finished products (PES) to assure proper specifications are being met.

3)Audit production’s documentation to assure accuracy and that proper procedures (such as methods and frequency of checks) are being followed.

4)Calibrate and document testing equipment including water activity meters, scales, calipers, thermometers and any other instruments.

5)Verify each checkweigher’s accuracy. 6)Verify accuracy and legibility of code dates.

7)Perform environmental swabs as directed using proper aseptic, storage and shipping protocols.

8)Verify concentrations of sanitizers being used in the plant on a daily basis.

9)Perform preop and changeover inspections of equipment per company and QA guidelines, verify and document cleanliness of equipment and release production lines to production. Notify QA or FS Manager of severe deficiencies, or if there are conflicts with production over cleanliness standards.

10)Analyze data from product monitoring performed by production and QA.

11)Other misc. assignments to align plant quality programs with new FSMA requirements.

Position - Specific Standards

1)Immediately notify production management when you observe that product(s) being produced do not comply with the specifications. Immediately notify QA management in situations that involve food safety or severe quality non-compliance.

2)Verify that all metal detectors and those at CCPs are being checked with appropriate test pieces and is being operated properly as outlined in the Quality and HACCP Manuals.

3)Verify that high sanitation standards are being met prior to, and during production.

4)Keep managers informed of any GMP violations observed.

General Standards (General Objectives)

1)All shall conform to the company policies outlined in the Employee Manual and to the Standards listed in the Quality, HACCP, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) manuals and procedures.

2)Your supervisor must be immediately notified of any issues that cannot be resolved or deadlines that cannot be met.

3)Perform other responsibilities, duties and tests assigned by the QA Management staff.

Position Requirements:

1)At the minimum, the incumbent must have an Associate’s degree or 2 year certificate from an accredited trade school in a scientific discipline. Course of study may be in the basic sciences (chemistry, biology, physical sciences) or applied sciences such as Food Science, Medical Technology, Culinary Arts, etc. May substitute High School diploma or GED and five (5) years experience in food quality assurance.

2)A recent graduate with a B.S. degree in the above disciplines would be preferable, especially if candidate has one (1) to three (3) years industry experience.

3)Ability to work well with others

4)Ability to handle conflicts and stressful situations diplomatically and constructively

5)Strong working knowledge of MS-Office applications especially Word and Excel.

6)Ability to work overtime hours as needed or required.

7)Ability to lift 50 pounds without assistance. 8)Ability to see colors and shades of color.

Education Required:

BS degree as described in Skills required above.

Additional Information:

Working Conditions

1)Normal for light industrial work.


1)May be exposed to wet, slippery conditions. Slip resistant shoes are required at all times.

2)Lifting requirements of up to 50 pounds without assistance

3)Walking long distances on hard floors or standing for long periods of time on hard floors

4)May be exposed to dusty conditions (e.g. flour dust) for short periods of time. Dust masks may be required from time to time.

5)Environment may be noisy, and will require hearing protection most of the time.

6)Flying debris may occur from time to time. Safety glasses will be required any time you are in manufacturing.

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