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Software Developer (196236)WhitehouseOhio.

Software Developer (196236)

Whitehouse | Ohio | United States | 43571

Role: Software developer to develop custom solutions within an existing application framework. Must be able to successfully demonstrate the ability to code, test, document and deploy a solution. Must be able to work independently as well as within a team, with the ability to communicate a must.


Coding within a previously started application as well as completely brand-new development Maintain code quality throughout the assignment Ability to debug, test, and correct code issues.


1. Located within a daily commute of Whitehouse, Ohio

2. Position requires being Onsite Monday Through Friday

3. Associates/Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from an Accredited University in Computer Science or Information Technology with a specialization in Software Development or Computer/Software Engineering with solid understanding and skill in Object Oriented Programming

4. At least 1 year of Software Development Experience in three of the following languages: - Angular 2+ - C# - HTML 5 - CSS - Sass - Visual Basic 6.0/.NET

4. Ability to write REST API’s and JSON

5. Previous study, certification, and/or experience with Agile Scrum methodologies according to and/or Scrum Alliance

6. Ability to manage time effectively and complete work before the end of an Agile Scrum Sprint Cycle

7. Familiarity with reading and creating complex flow charts

8. Competency in achieving 90%+ Unit Test Coverage

9. Conceptual familiarity with Microsoft Azure

10. Have a passion to go above and beyond while achieving solid goal completion in a strict 40-hour schedule

Nice to Have

1. 2+ Years Software Development in Angular and C#

2. Angular Skillsoft/V3Skill/Udemy/Coursera Certification

3. Other certifications for Angular and C# including Certificates of Completion

4. Agile Scrum Fundamentals, Product Owner or Scrum Master Certifications

5. RXJS training or certifications

6. NodeJS training or certifications

7. MS SQL training or certifications

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