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Sr. Agile Scrum MasterHerndonVirginia.

Sr. Agile Scrum Master

Herndon | Virginia | United States

The Agile Facilitator is responsible for running the daily cadence of standups, planning sessions, retrospectives, demos, roadmaps, as well as organization and monitoring/reporting of project activities, supported by cross functional leadership. The role also encompasses stakeholder management (executives included), general meeting scheduling and facilitation, and proactively ensuring the team flow is maintained. On occasion, the facilitator will be responsible for forecasting and financial management. Also, responsible to foster collaborative relationships both internal and external.

This position is central within a distributed team and requires advanced skills for managing low-level day-to-day team momentum and influence over several distributed software development teams. Note: occasional travel to SF and other destinations required

  •          Run the daily standups, planning sessions, retrospectives, demos, roadmap planning
  • Organization and monitoring/reporting of project activities, under the direction of enterprise leadership
  • Facilitate stakeholder management, agendas, scheduling, ensuring team flow is maintained
  • Prioritization with business and technical teams for complex work backlog across diverse initiatives
  • Work to achieve a high saturation in comprehension of challenges and solutions across team
  • Training for team to develop continuous improvement within agile methodologies
  • Some budgeting, forecasting and financial management, as needed.
  • Leverage relationships with 3rd party vendors and development partners
  • Maintain a high standard for training, knowledge sharing and mentorship
  • Effectively communicate issues, risks and dependencies with project stakeholders, escalating where appropriate.
  • Deep understanding of flow based-systems such as Kanban ability to extract key metrics
  • Ability to collect and report flow-based metrics such as lead time, cycle time and throughput
  • Able to manage constructively through challenges within the team and across the organization
  • Continuously strives to keep the team unblocked and drives the team to deliver
  • Establishes trust with team members through diligence, consistency and follow-up
  • Critical thinking, problem solving skills, delegation and negotiation
  • Communication skills, team collaboration, conflict management and stress tolerance
  • Self-direction, motivation and adaptability, agility, decision making, leadership
  • Proficient use of Enterprise Software such as project management tools such as Atlassian JIRA
  • Mature knowledge of data-driven SDLC, agile practices and multiple project management frameworks
  • Proven ability to work effectively both independently and in a team-based environment
  • Observable agility; proven ability to be flexible and adaptable to changing priorities
  • Excellent multi-tasking and organizational skills

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