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Stryker MechanicKilleenTexas.

Stryker Mechanic

Killeen | Texas | United States

- Perform trouble shooting specific faults, failures and deficiencies.
- Perform preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) on family of Stryker Vehicles. 
- Troubleshoot and correct malfunctions in automotive systems (power-pack) engine, transmission, cooling, fuel, exhaust, driveline and suspension using built in test equipment (BITE), test equipment and/or manual troubleshooting procedures (MTPs), common and special tools and applicable technical documentation.
- Repair sub-systems and components, line replacement units (LRU) of the Stryker. Perform maintenance steps to accomplish repairs will include disassembling, removing and replacing worn/ damaged/defective part(s), adjusting, reassembling and testing using applicable technical documentation.
- Troubleshoot and correct malfunctions in hydraulic systems common to all Stryker or unique to variants of the Stryker vehicle.
- Complete maintenance and administrative forms and other paperwork related to performance of duties.
- Read and interpret troubleshooting and diagnostic procedures and flow diagrams for systems, subsystems and components. 
- Skilled in computer operation and Microsoft operating systems. (Word, EXCEL and Power-point)
- Maintain accountability of special tools, test equipment and property.


2 to 5 years related work experience required.
High school diploma or equivalent required; Associates Degree preferred

Must be a U.S. person

Excellent communication skills along with professional demeanor that extends to all levels of the organization.
Proven progressive problem solving skills.
Ability to prioritize and accomplish multiple tasks.
Able to understand and describe acronyms related to turret and related LRU systems.
Must be able to identify parts through IETM, Schematics and cross reference based on vehicle configuration
Strong strategic thinking, organizational, and judgment skills.
Must be a self-starter and capable of working independently.
Display leadership qualities as well as the ability to articulate directions and effectively train/mentor others.
Promote and maintain a collaborative work style, fostering cooperation and teamwork in achieving business objectives.
Experience and/or ability to interact with multiple departmental technologies (i.e., engineering, business, technology, etc.).
Knowledge of GDLS products, processes, and military terminology preferred.
Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Applications.
Documented trade school, certified technical training or commercial training.
Must be able to meet and maintain ASR requirements
Must be able to gain and maintain access to military facilities.

Physical requirements:
Work in improved and unimproved maintenance facilities as well as field environment.
Ability to adjust to customer work schedule changes.

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