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Supply Base Analyst (186504)MilwaukeeWisconsin.

Supply Base Analyst (186504)

Milwaukee | Wisconsin | United States | 53208


We are seeking a Supply Base Analyst for the Willie G. Davidson Product Development Center (PDC) located in Wauwatosa, WI. This 370,000 square-foot facility opened its doors for operation in March 1997 and was built to bring together the Original Equipment (OE) Engineering, Styling and Developmental Purchasing groups in a centralized location to improve the product development process. The functions represented within the PDC include Styling, Engineering, Finance, Information Services, Product Liability, Purchasing, Marketing, Homologation, Sales, Service and key suppliers. The employees located at the PDC are responsible for new product development, testing, styling and developmental purchasing. 

This Supply Base Analyst position is responsible for conducting commodity based benchmarking (cost and performance) and purchasing for a selected group of commodities. The position will be responsible for commercial cost management, leading and managing supplier transitions, and maintaining production OEM supplier relationships. The role will perform all aspects of supplier risk management and oversee compliance of supplier agreements. The Supply Base Analyst will work with specific commodities as part of our Supply Base Management group. This role will effectively manage the supply base in line with best in class expectations. 

Education Required 
Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Materials Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Administration, or related degree 

Experience Required 
- Previous experience in a co-op program, intern assignment, or related work experience will be a plus for consideration. 
- Demonstrated performance in technical competencies of procurement, engineering, finance, and/or operations 
- Experience in production or procurement of components and subsystems 
- Understanding of implementing strategic purchasing relationships with suppliers 
- Strong knowledge of supply chain management 
- Capable of directing external support staff and agencies 
- Demonstrated communication skills, clear articulate speech, good listening skills and the ability to generate clear, concise written documentation. 
- Able to influence through indirect authority 

Ideal candidates will also have exposure and knowledge in: 
- Experience within an automotive or motorcycle manufacturing environment 
- Contribution to new product launches 
- Exposure to statistical operator control (SOC), just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing, cost management tools, continuous improvement (CI) tools and spreadsheet software

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