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TAR Cost Engineer (221094)GeismarLouisiana.

TAR Cost Engineer (221094)

Geismar | Louisiana | United States | 70734

Roles and Responsibilities: 

A. Cost Structure Setup – Although this is one of the most important functions of the TAR Cost Engineer, it does not necessarily require a long-term commitment. For example, a basis for Cost Structure setup can be accomplished in 2 to 4 weeks depending on the size of the TAR. Because of the volume and breadth of TAR costs, it is important that this person have some experience with large TAR projects to ensure that costs are separated in a logical way; e.g., Project Costs isolated from the TAR expense and LTDT costs, ops. expense, etc. Depending on the desires of the business, the cost structure may also require much more detail (e.g., CP requirements for division of costs). This person would work closely with accounting to ensure that the correct settlement occurs according to accounting practices as well ensure reporting data can be easily extracted as the TAR evolves. 
B. Budget Development – Because of the TAR Cost Engineer should have a good understanding of cost management, they could easily provide support for the development of the TAR budget. However, this support is not necessarily essential in order for the budget to be developed. This could be done under the responsibility of the TAR Manager, with support of the TAR Planning Group / TAR Core Team. Periodic support for budget development is possible by the TAR Cost Engineer (to ensure budget fits into defined structure and that ALL the desired categories have been considered during the budgeting process). At a minimum, the TAR Cost Engineer should review the budget periodically to ensure a quality budget is/has been developed and that proper contingencies have been considered. 
C. Contracting Strategy Development – The TAR Cost Engineer should support the TAR Manager / Capital Projects to develop a sound Contracting Strategy. During the development of the contracting strategy, it is important that the TAR Cost Engineer provide support to develop the labor tracking system necessary to ensure that the contracted services are rendered as was agreed during execution of the Turnaround. This is a key responsibility of the TAR Cost Engineer. 
D. Periodic Reporting/Risk Management – TAR Cost Engineer supports the TAR Manager to produce the Periodic Reports and Manage the Risks. The reports essentially monitor the progress of planning, scope development, milestone tracking and other special risks coming out of the TAR Risk Register. We have a number of templates already developed for Periodic Reporting that could be used in the future. Again, it is a matter that the TAR Manager/Steering Committee is getting the correct information and is considering all of the risks. TAR Cost Engineer could at a minimum provide support within a consulting role but there should be someone on the TAR Core Team who fulfills this role cross-functionally if at all possible. 
E. TAR Readiness Reviews – For large turnarounds, at least two Readiness Reviews should take place (See Turnaround Management Procedure G-P-ME 010). The TAR cost engineer (or at least TAR cost responsible) should be involved in this process. Their involvement in the development of the periodic reports (see E) should add value to the readiness review by means of providing accurate information as requested by the review team. 
F. Project Execution – This is probably the most important role of the TAR Cost Engineer regarding the TAR Project. It is essential that the TAR Cost Engineer is able to follow-up with discovery work, field change order, labor tracking, etc. This ability to verify what activity took place during the TAR execution will serve as extremely valuable for claim management and invoice verification later. TAR Cost Engineer would provide a portion of the data for the daily execution report, to contain head counts, S-Curve progress, individual contractor force reports, and so forth. 
G. TAR Project Closure – TAR Cost Engineer provides support for closure of the project. Based on their knowledge of the execution provides support to verify invoices for the work that was performed. Ensures with the support of the planning org. that work orders are closed out in a timely manner. 
H. Development of Lessons Learned / TAR Final Report – In order to complete the TAR cycle, it is important that the TAR Cost Engineer provide input to the lessons learned process and development of the TAR Final Report. Normally, for large Turnarounds, a section of the TAR Final Report should be completed mostly with input from the TAR Cost Engineer regarding costs, and performance of the TAR execution. It is essential that the data coming into the Final Reports is accurate and understandable by the stakeholders. The TAR Cost Engineer is also responsible to develop performance indicators for the TAR Final Report.

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