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Technical Service Specialist - Night Shift (195932)LadsonSouth Carolina.

Technical Service Specialist - Night Shift (195932)

Ladson | South Carolina | United States | 29456


Technical Service Specialist  

The Technical Service Specialist position is a support function for the the Company's Automotive Group in the USA. The primary function is to provide in-depth support to the key customer/customers. 
• The Technical Service Specialist will be responsible for the daily operations within the customer site pertaining to the pretreatment line and other related business (sealers, waxes, etc.) in the paint shop 
• Be onsite at the customer account from start-up until operations and duties are completed 
• Suggest corrective actions and communicate to the paint operators those recommendations are implemented 
• Provide a scheduled in-depth service, for the assigned account, to ensure that the Company's Processes are being managed within the parameters outlined in the process instruction provided; ensure that the process is checked both chemically and mechanically 
• Communicate, with written service report, related to chemical processes, as identified by the Automotive Team 
• Develop a working relationship with as many contacts in the plant as possible; this will help identify potential needs of the plant for future opportunities 
• Must work closely with other customer suppliers in the Paint Shop and gain a basic knowledge of their operations and how it pertains to our chemistries and applications 
• The ultimate responsibility for the Technical Service Specialist rests with the Automotive Team and input from the appropriate Global Key Account Managers and North American Automotive Manager 
• BS or BA in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physical Sciences, and/or Biology required
• Other degrees will be considered based on experience, aptitude and a desire to learn 
• Needs to be able to understand or quickly learn the Automotive Paint Industry we serve and the type of chemical processes the Company provides to this market 
• Must have good communication skills (verbal & written) and be a self-motivated individual 
• Computer skills, such as using email, MS Word and MS Excel, are essential to this position 
• Able to work a second shift - Evening Hours

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